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Checkpoint Tampere (2017)

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Moods (2004)

Moods and feelings are very important for me in art photography. When I'm photographing it is all about that. If the mood isn't there I won't expose film at all.

I have photographed Exhibition Moods at my homecorners in area of Finlayson in Tampere, Finland.

Urban Landscapes (2001)

City as a subject of photographing fascinates me. I began from Barcelona 1989-90, moved to Los Angeles 1991-1992 and Moscow was in turn 1993. Years of consideration became real with hometown Tampere in summer 2001. I saw and felt how urban landscapes became alive and previous cityexperiences worked as a fruitful base.

It really started to feel like it. I would have never believed it.
Jari Arffman, photo Suvi Suovaara

Photo: © Suvi Suovaara

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