Leena Lehto

Leena Lehto

In italiano

Three porcelain spheres
height 23 cm

Leena Lehto´s art combines pure, classical forms with the fantasy world of imagery and colour. It pays tribute to the soul of porcelain, at the core of which lie form, texture and colour, and an understanding of the relationship between these elements.

From the outset, Leena Lehto has distanced herself from traditional porcelain painting, which has been branded as ornamental. She does not decorate; she does not add separate ornaments to the surface of a piece. Instead, she approaches the material on its own terms, addressing the relations of forms and colour through porcelain art. Her assured sense of rhythm and form provide the impetus for ever-new combinations of designs and colours. The variations of the visual idiom are both figurative and nonfigurative.

Lehto´s creative process is galvanised by experiences gained in Spain, Italy and Japan, as well as her familiar Scandinavian environment. The cornerstones of her work are spontaneous creativity and fantasy, disciplined reflection, technical execution, and tradition.

Tuija Tervo, MA, art historian, auction curator.